Tumor Heterogeneity

Liquid and solid tumors are composed of mixed populations of cells that have high intratumor genetic heterogeneity (ITH) leading to variable sensitivity to chemotherapeutics within a tumor. Upon long-term chemotherapeutic exposure, sensitive cells die and surviving cells develop into multidrug resistant (MDR) tumors. Once MDR has developed, a patient is likely to succumb to their cancer. 

microRNAS - Natural tumor suppressors

MicroRNAs (miRs) are a class of small non-coding RNAs that act as natural regulators of gene expression. Their deregulation is known to contribute to cancer. A single “species” of miR is able to repress hundreds of target mRNAs, enabling broad control of multiple cancer causing pathways. This broad control allows simultaneous suppression of both primary oncogenic pathways and secondary pathways of intrinsic or acquired resistance. miR based therapeutics have the potential to provide superior therapy and more durable response than selective small-molecule or biologic drugs.